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OneDrive Sync failure - json error?

edited January 2017 in Seek Help

I'm trying sync my OneDrive account to another OneDrive account.

i can successfully copy the files using a copy job, but the sync job fails.

it crashes alomst immediately with a json error quoting a file/folder that doesnt appear to exist either in multcloud browser or in OneDrive

any ideas how i might resolve this??

i'm able to sync sub folders OK, it's just this mystery 'file' in the root that seems to cause the issues?


  • The error occurs when I try to Sync the entire OneDrive




    Sync Logs shows the initial error, Error Files the 'file' in question, and OneDrive shows that I don't have any files or folders with that name in my OneDrive.

    I can't copy the 'mystery file' as it doesn't appear to exist in Multcloud Explorer view, in OneDrive website, or on my PC where OneDrive is Synced (including vieing via Command Prompt).

    Any ideas how to resolve this?


  • The ErrorFiles screenshot indicates that the file is called 'Pauls OneDrive' and is in the path '/Pauls OneDrive.

    The OneDrive screenshot shows the root of Pauls OneDrive and there is clearly no file or folder within there called 'Pauls OneDrive'


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