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Transfer Always Failed to Baidu and HubiC

edited December 2016 in Seek Help

Hi There,

I have two problems:

1. Always Failed to Upload Any Size of a File to Baidu

I've always received failure to upload files into "lin1118" folder. I did it many times through option of remote

upload or cloud transfer from MEGA, hubiC, etc. 

2. Always Failed to Upload a File Larger than 5GB to HubiC

I don't get any problem when uploading a file smaller than 5GB. But, the error always appears when uploading

a file with the size of 5GB or more. I've tried this via remote upload option to a specific folder or via the cloud

transfer option. On here they said that there is no limit. This issue also discussed here.

Here's the logs :

No files need to be transferred

Source:/My File MEGA/Files/My Video.mkv


Files processed:0/1


Data processed:0bytes/5.17GB

Current Rate:0

Start time:2016-12-13 17:18:37

Elapsed time:4h 24m 5s

Remaining time:


The following files are unable to be transferred:

Name:My Video.mkv


Path:/My File MEGA/Files/My Video.mkv


Thank you for time for reading this message.




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