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Onedrive for Business doesn't work

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When I try to add my Onedrive for Business account, it doesn't work. It redirects me to the Onedrive login page. Then, after entering my username and password, it redirects me again to Multcloud, but my Onedrive account doesn't show up.

There's no error message; the only unusual thing I see is that the url in my browser becomes https://www.multcloud.com/index.jsp#error for 1 or 2 seconds, then it becomes https://www.multcloud.com/index.jsp#home.

If I try to add my Onedrive account again, it just redirects me to https://www.multcloud.com/index.jsp#home. It doesn't even take me to the Onedrive login page.


  • Administrator account? Don't know what's that. My Onedrive account is given to all students in my college, and it is accesed using my college email.

    When I try to add it selecting Onedrive, it doesn't work, so I tried Onedrive for bussiness and it redirects me to my college login page. After that, Multcloud shows the error message.

  • What is the error message you get when you add it?

    The error just appears in the url, which becomes https://www.multcloud.com/index.jsp#error for a few seconds, and then becomes https://www.multcloud.com/index.jsp#home. My Onedrive account doesn't appear in the list of added cloud drives.

    I get no error popups or something similar, just that.

    BTW, if your onedrive for business is in China?

    I am not from China.

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