Transfer Stucked - files copied - lot of manual work to check if the transfer was ok


I'm using MultCloud for several times since last 2 weeks. My intention is to reorganize all my material in Clouds. So, I'm transferring big amounts of data (4 to 5Gb) from one cloud to another.

Some transfers got stucked... and I don't have idea why... it stops and never ends. I had to cancel it and reiniciate as a new transfer. Some others were SUCCESSFUL but when I went to check the subfolders, some of them were missing (so it seems that transfer had not processed properly).

Besides that, Files has been copied but not delete from the original cloud... so I had to go back in the previous cloud to check if transfer was ok and just after that, delete manually files that was really copied.

Another issue: Transfers to Hubic are working. Even though it gave me a successful message, the Hubic Cloud still empty.

In general, I thought that this process will be automatic but It has been much more manual than I expeted.

Am I doing something wrong? I had already checked instructions and it seems I'm doing it in the right way....

Is there any guidance that can help me?


  • I just signed up. Wish to distribute small amounts of data to about three cloud services. This is morning after first transfer (which I let run overnight), I have all folders remaining in original location, which is not in context with the word "transfer". Ok, I can workaround by checking top level folder PROPERTIES in both locations (as you can in Windows File Explorer), checking for numbers of files, sub-folders, and filesizes if needed. One look at parent properties would do this. Easy. Is this capability available? Seems like best way to verify a successful transfer of all content. THANKS! 

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