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MEGA Folders fail to load.

edited November 2016 in Seek Help

Hi there! On all my MEGA accounts I make a folder called _MASTER FOLDER #_ (# being the number of the account).

I do this so I can share my entire MEGA account with anyone I'd like to, but also keep a few private files out of it if need be.

Starting Sunday, November 13, 2016, I could load the MEGA accounts, but if I tried to go into that folder it would have the red ppopup up top saying "Failed to load data you can edit this drive's info or re-add it bla bla bla" and if I tried with the side menu thing it just says "Failed to load data". So, I edited the account to retype my password, and then also tried removing it an re-adding it altogether. Neither of these fixed the issue.

Can anyone help? Has anyone else had the same issue?

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