Google Photos to FlickR Albums fails every time

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At you say "currently Multcloud do not support Google photos".

At you say "MultCloud can’t recognize Google Pictures storage currently".

Also at you say "When you save pictures or photos to Google Drive, they generally are saved to Google Pictures folder not in the storage you can see in Google Drive" -- but you *can* make the Photos folder visible in Drive as I've commented at

Also at you say "Google Pictures storage is unlimited photo space" -- but this is only true if you save photos at 'high' resolution not 'full' resolution (at 'full' resolution it's limited to 15GB total in Google Drive)

At you say "Transfer Google Photos to Flickr with MultCloud" -- so this implies MultCloud *does* support Google Photos (so the FAQ is wrong)?

BUT, I have tried transferring from Google Photos to FlickR (Flickr/Albums as individual albums inside this seem to be disallowed by MultCloud), and it failed totally (only message: "Result: Failure") -- no files were transferred. :-(

I noticed at you say "MultCloud currently only support to upload and download the files not the folders" -- so I also tried choosing inside Google Photos the root folder (Google Drive/Google Photos), a year subfolder (Google Drive/Google Photos/2016), a month subfolder (Google Drive/Google Photos/2016/11) etc. but all fail the same way. I'm not using Chrome so cannot try the extension you mention in 

Can you clarify the situation, what might be wrong, and how to solve it?

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