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Google Photos to FlickR Albums fails every time

edited November 2016 in Seek Help

At http://forum.multcloud.com/discussion/comment/943 you say "currently Multcloud do not support Google photos".

At www.multcloud.com/faq you say "MultCloud can’t recognize Google Pictures storage currently".

Also at www.multcloud.com/faq you say "When you save pictures or photos to Google Drive, they generally are saved to Google Pictures folder not in the storage you can see in Google Drive" -- but you *can* make the Photos folder visible in Drive as I've commented at http://forum.multcloud.com/discussion/comment/1016

Also at www.multcloud.com/faq you say "Google Pictures storage is unlimited photo space" -- but this is only true if you save photos at 'high' resolution not 'full' resolution (at 'full' resolution it's limited to 15GB total in Google Drive)

At www.multcloud.com/tutorials/transfer-google-photos-to-flickr-6289.html you say "Transfer Google Photos to Flickr with MultCloud" -- so this implies MultCloud *does* support Google Photos (so the FAQ is wrong)?

BUT, I have tried transferring from Google Photos to FlickR (Flickr/Albums as individual albums inside this seem to be disallowed by MultCloud), and it failed totally (only message: "Result: Failure") -- no files were transferred. :-(

I noticed at www.multcloud.com/faq you say "MultCloud currently only support to upload and download the files not the folders" -- so I also tried choosing inside Google Photos the root folder (Google Drive/Google Photos), a year subfolder (Google Drive/Google Photos/2016), a month subfolder (Google Drive/Google Photos/2016/11) etc. but all fail the same way. I'm not using Chrome so cannot try the extension you mention in www.multcloud.com/tutorials/transfer-google-photos-to-flickr-6289.html 

Can you clarify the situation, what might be wrong, and how to solve it?

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