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file transfer speed

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The file transfer speed depends on what?  MultCloud or the server destination FTP, Cloud, etc... 

Will MultCloud transfer to the limited speed of the destination server?

What is the max speed of MultCloud servers?


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    I find it very very very suspicious that this question was asked 3 months ago and still nobody from Multcloud answered it.

    Could we please have a bit of clarity here ? I am willing to pay but come on here in NL we have 500 megabits down and 500 megabits up rather cheap connections at home ... and this one "general speed" goes A LOT way slower than my connection at home ... I find it quite "funny" if you know what I mean.

  • I am also noticing small fluctuations in the data transfer sppeds with the highest speed at around 4MB/s. In my experience, Multcloud doesn't limit the speeds. However, Multcloud is bound by their hosting provider for speed caps. Most hosting providers that offer uncapped speeds (unlimited bandwidth for their customers) limit the data transfer throughput to 100MB/s or 500MB/s. Even with that setting it is spread across Multcloud's server(s) and every user, such as you and I, share that speed. This is why we generally never see high speeds. Multcloud is popular and a lot of people are benefiting form the great service. In order to keep cost low for us, Multcloud goes with a reputable hosting provider that provides unlimited bandwidth but probably at a lower capped speed as per the advantage of unlimited bandwidth for them. I also would agree that higher bandwidth speed could benefit paid subscribers. Having 10 threads open at the same time with 0.5 MB/s second really doesn't do to much for me. I need fatser bandwidth transfer speeds myself.

  • The fastest speeds I've been able to achieve a less than 1MB/sec.  Is this because of time of day?  This service seems pretty useless if the speeds are less than what I can do from my own machine.

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