New cloud support for Adrive?


I am impressed with your tool. It is really handy to gather all cloud storage in one place. Congratulation for this tool. I have just used it some days ago, and it seems working very well. May I ask you if you intend to support ADrive cloud storage in a next release? I am sorry, this is not really helpful for you as developper, but a simple question that, perhaps, others are also intersted to.

Anyway, many thanks for your work.




  • With adrive Premium you can access it via FTP.

  • I don't know if the issue is scompletely solved but I would like to have more details regarding the FTP connection to using Multcloud.

    the information provided by Adrive are:


    username: username

    Options: AUTH TLS and Passive Mode enabled

    I'm able to connect using FileZilla with the default setting

    but when I try to add it as an FTp cloud in multcloud, I go this error:Failed to list files, you could try to remove the cloud drive and re-add it to MultCloud.

    So do you have any idea why it doesn't work or do you know where I can setup the options for the ftp connection in multcloud


  • I tried with sftp and it works. If it doesn't, try adding a backslash before the @ sign in your mail address, say:


    Unfortunately this will work until the Premium trial period ends. So I hope multcloud will add direct support of adrive in a fairly short time...

  • Sorry, currently the team who are in charge of the development of multcloud only has a few programmers, so the update is a little slow. We will keep making effort to optimizing the interface and add more cloud storage asap. 

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