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Baidu not working properly

I am noticing some issues with Baidu:
1. I cant upload files to Baidu from any service
2. I cant see all my Baidu files, even after refreshing/closing and
reopening the browser
3. Going between folders is very very slow

Note that I have tried removing and adding the account again to see if that
would solve anything.


  • Hi - was wondering if there was any update? 

    As of right now it looks like Baidu is not working at all (not even able to see the file directory) anymore. 


  • edited July 2014

    You can only work in "我的应用数据--lin1118",

    You can refer to the answers here:


  • Thanks bud, i figured that out. Baidu just wasnt showing the folders last time. 

    transfers are still pretty slow too, but at least it works! :)

    Heres the c/p of the notes to Baidu:
    1. All folder/file names can not contain any of the following characters:><"?/:|*
    2. Each directory can only list at most 25000 files.
    3. All folder/file names can not start or end with "."
    4. The length of folder/file name can not be greater than 216 characters.
    5. Baidu only open read/write permissions for "lin11181" folder which under "my application data" folder.

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