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Transfer speed with paid account ?

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i tried yesterday a free 2TB account, from a FTP (100mb/s) to Amazon Cloud Drive. But the transfert speed was only 300-500 kbps. Does the speed is 100 Mbps on paid account ?



  • I paid for 1 year subscription , my transfer via ftp is 130kb/s , why ? 

  • When I hovered over the speed section of the current transer on the Free tier, it was hovering around 750kbps & showed the VIP speed being around 3-4mbps. Since I had a HUGE transfer I decided to just subscribe to Premium but the current rate has not increased to the "Premium" speed whatsoever. What gives??

  • I paid for a month, where I can see the upload speed

  • I hired a VIP month waiting transfer volume offered.

    But this is not true I have only the following:

    Destination:/Amazon Drive/Videos

    Files processed:0/1


    Data processed:8.35GB/14.65GB

    Current Rate:255.1KB/s

    I am asking for a clarification, as payment for greater transfer volume

    Thank you

  • There's no answer? I get the impression that this is a scam, you offer a speed that you can not guarantee it is the last month that I am with you, I feel the money that I have paid. If you were honest you would have to return the money

  • Thanks god I did not activate a paid account .... I was smelling kinda speed problems. I stay on the free account. I was expecting 150 megabytes/sec (at least) on the premium account. Obelixtiti did you finally solved your problem and got the speed you have paid for ?

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