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Link with google drive

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New user of multcloud, I arrive on this forum. I have linked several cloud services. But a problem  for google drive. I get a space google drive almost full with gmail. But the file manager of multcloud indicate a space almost empty without any photos. Are they several spaces google drive but I have opend only one space google drive

Thank you for advices


  • Thank you.

    1.I have understood the problem for google drive. The total free espace is 15 gigas, figure which is given on the screen of the manager of multcloud.  In my case, manager of multcloud indicates 500 mega used for a total of 15 gigas. In fact only 1 giga is avalaible because google includes the volume of gmail for the measure of the space available. So, the information of the manager of multcloud is ambiguous.

    2. Google photos  is excluded of the total of 15 gigas. But I shall be happy to know if there will be later link bentween google photos and multcloud

    3. Thank you for the quality and the usefullness of your service


  • I have copied 2gigas to hubic.com with mutcloud. I get somme problems with hubic to "see" all the documents copied. In an exhange on the forum hubic.com, I have to  give  the name of my "main folder" on multcloud. How know the name of this "main folder"

    Thank you

    Jean-Claude B

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