FTP from Dropbox - Transfer Files Error on Some FTP

I started using MultiCloud yesterday, and i got error Result: Failure when i upload to some FTP  , there is no error when i do it via file manager , but the speed is very slow , only doesnt work on transfer files ,  i think the problem is its trying to create the folder, where i dont have permission on ftp to create folders, is there any way to transfer files without creating folder ? thx 


  • Its automated Ftp server that is adding the files on to my website when creating folder i get reply Response: 550 Permission denied 

  • Are you ever planning to change it,  its just in this case it wont do the trick for me , 

  • I wish to be able to move just files from the folder but without folder ,  most of ftp doesnt support creating new folders , that is very common                

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