Baidu download (transfer from baidu) always failed

Hi ,i want to report that all the downloading process from baidu cloud ( always failed after a while downloading

the upload process to baidu (transfer "to" baidu ,not "from") works fine ,but the download process always failed

please fix it



  • edited June 2016

    Thank you for replying , i tried transfer files from my private baidu cloud to my google drive

    the process is very slowly and failed after a while

    in the reverse side , if i transfer from goole drive to baidu (that means upload to baidu-instead of download from baidu), it runs without any problems

    i mean multcloud handle upload to baidu fine ,but it has problem with download from baidu

  • sorry i wrote some misunderstood phrases in the previous post , i edited it ,

    if you don't mind please take a look at it

    Thank you

  • I see, thank you very much image

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