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Google Photos Access

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Hello, I'm writing to put in another request to figure out how to connect to Google Photos. I have photos in DropBox, Amazon Cloud Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. I want to get these all into Google Photos. Please help make this possible.


  • Not directly, but you can do it through your drive account:

    1.- In your browser go to your Google Drive account.

    2.- Enter in the account configuration (gear icon)

    3.- Look for "Create a folder of Google Photos" (I am just translating from Spanish, but it must say something similar...)

    4.- Select the option. It will create a folder with the name "Google Photos" in your Drive Unit. Inside it, you will find other folders with the year, and inside them, with the month.

    5.- Once is done (automatic, but it takes a bit of time...), you can open in MultCloud you Drive account, and you will find yor Google Photos folder with everuthing inside...!

    Hope it helps,


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