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Download files directly from a web page to FTP

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I'm using multcloud mainly to transfer files from an Arma 3 Exile test server to live server, to save time, as those files can be huge sometimes. Also helps me because my own internet connection isn't really good, and some transfer are interrupted while send by ftp, so transfer fails and I have to start again. But from home, I can have to do it again 10 times, and each times represents several hours, even days. So for one file, I can be stuck for a week easily.

I experience issues to upload some files on the test server from my computer. My question would be : is it possible with your service to get some content (it's game add-ons, updates mainly) from a web page (armaholic, to name it) and get it downloaded on the ftp server ?

Thanks for your help...


  • Hello Admin,

    Any progress has been done for above mentioned thread? or its not in consideration at that time?

    Thanks for support

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