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Baidu files not getting transferred to dropbox

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I am having trouble transferring from baidu to dropbox,

it shows that it transferred 188kb of 1.9GB in 4hrs. I have 

a premium baidu account so baidu downloading speed

should be fast, also tried upgrading my multicloud account

it made no difference. About 4-5 months ago this worked perfectely

i was able to transfer 20-30 gb easily but now it doesn't work 

at all for me. I tried removing and re adding the accounts and it

didnt make any difference. Please fix this issue



  • Mabey your Dropbox is full :D

  • Just updated to a paid subscription, transferring from baidu does not work at all.

    I removed all my accounts and re-added them and started a new task. There are 

    3 files that i tried transferring after 4 min it failed... I only upgraded to transfer baidu stuff

    so if this doesnt work the paid subscription is useless for me. Please fix this issue

  • tried transferring 1 file which is 1gb and it failed, there is a higher success rate if i transfer files < 600mb but to google drive and then google drive to dropbox

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    I can confirm the file transfer on Baidu is not working. I opened a new account on multcloud and tried to transfer a directory from Baidu to Mega. The directory contains some small files, file size varied from several hundred KB to several MB. Transfer task was set up several hours ago and now its status is still "Waiting for the previous task to complete". It is the first task on the list. No previouse task was set up. Multcloud account can list the directories on Baidu and Mega, but the transfer is not working. It's not about the file size. Baidu recently made some adjustments to their web site, maybe you want to check your Baidu apps.

  • baidu doesnt work at all now, I hope someone is looking into this issue 

  • java.io.IOException: insufficient data written and java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out

  • i tried doing that many times 

  • org.apache.http.conn.ConnectTimeoutException: Connect to pcs.baidu.com:443 [pcs.baidu.com/] failed: Read timed out

    Can someone look into this please?

  • I just bought the service to transfer files from baidu and been wasting many hours to get it to work. Speads are a joke- around 100 kb/s and every download/transfer fails. Looks like this issue effects many users has been around for a long time with no solution in sight.

    All support does is give the same answer about their NY servers

    If multcloud can't work with baidu they should remove it from their claimed cloud options.

    I feel totally tricked into buyng this service.

  • Got the same Time out error too.  Seriously, a China server is necessary in dealing with all China cloud drive & file hosts.  They are only good for user in China & overseas users got very lousy speed & very often zero speed.  If Multcloud can solve this problem, it will bring lot of members as I know many ppl got problem with Baidu & need help. 

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