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Transfers from one provider to another raise several errors

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I am trying to transfer close to 20GB of data from Microsoft OneDrive to HubiC, but the task window from MultCloud raises several errors without any hint of what happened (it just says some files/directories could not be transferred). Based on the files being transferred and their entries in the error log, I can confirm that:

- path length is not too long, so it does not appear to be a filesystem restriction.

- average file size is under 4MB, so it does not appear to be a size problem.

- content has no copyright claim, so it is not a DRM restriction.

- even some folders could not be created.

The only reason I can think of is some sort of network error between MultCloud and source/target providers. Sadly, the log is too generic to infer the exact cause. Transferring files individually is not and option.

Any hints towards a solution?

All the best.


  • Hi, thanks for the feedback.

    It's most certain that the problem is not related to restrictions of HubiC. Some evidences of my statement:

    - Other files that are copied successfully are of the same nature of the files which could not be transferred (including MIME type).

    - File names use only the ASCII set.

    - Even directories could not be created.

    And, the most important evidence:

    - The files which could not be transferred are uploadable directly via HubiC without any issues whatsover, which tells us that the file is surely not being rejected by the provider.

    Again, the only reasonable explanation is a network issue from MultCloud when trying to establish a bridge between hosts. Is there any way to have a detailed info about it?

    All the best.

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