full sync

Morning yall

I was thinking... is there a way I can sync two clouds, even deleting files from one to another?

For example, I sync Google Drive and Mega clouds... Using the two desktop clients is giving me headaches, cause, eventually, it duplicates files, like, "example (1).doc", and then both sync this file and so on...

I liked the concept of MultCloud, and I was particularly happy cause it supports both Drive and Mega... I'm using Ubuntu, and the Mega client is better to sync my local storage folder. And, by setting a schedule in Multicloud, I found easy to replicate to Google Drive without hassle.

Buuut... If I delete something in my local storage, my Mega client syncs it and removes from Mega cloud. But if I resync Google Drive through Multcloud, it doesn't removes the file. Is there a way Multcloud supports a full sync, identifying also deleted files and removing them?


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