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whether premium or free, the speed is still slow for baidu to google drive

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I have bought the premium account, the speed is still slow for baidu to google drive.

It take about 6hours for 6GB and there are a lot of files are unable to be transferred.

imagesee a clearly picture: https://na.cx/i/k52cgq.png

How could I promote the speed? Because I still have a hundreds GB of file need to transfer, if the speed still like this, it would take a month or longer to transfer this.

And also how about the files are unable to be transfer? I have alreay change the files name to no specific symbols.

Hope someone can help me,thanks.

sorry for my bad english


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    Sure, I have already done this and this is the respond.

    imagesee a clearly picture:  https://na.cx/i/2Xb6k7.png

    When I wait for more than 10 hours,it said transfer fail, 280GB files have only transfer 7GB..........................

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