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Don`t add cloud for google drive

I add cloud for use google drive but recive a notification "Our Google drive project is in status of "reverification in progress", it may take a few days"
I tried 3 day but not yet. Please tell me when it active again.


  • @Congtv89, Google is still reviewing our program. We have not yet been given an exact time.
  • Same here.
    Why is this, when will it be fixed ?

    I understand this has been going for at least 1 week ?? 

  • Hello,

      I am also waiting to add google drive as a cloud. I keep checking in daily since last week. Will you post here when you have a timeline for this feature being available again?

    Thank you.
  • @Warden, You now can try to add your Google Drive again.
  • @Admin Thank you!
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