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Google Drive files limited to 10MB?

Hi guys!

I have a task (Normal Sync, One-Way, Simple Sync strategy) configured to transfer my Google Drive files up to s3 for backup purposes, however the job always appears to fail on files 10MB or greater.

Is there a limitation or is this a known issue?

I googled the issue and found some mention that Google Drive's API default block size" is 10MB, but that this is configurable by the programming making the API call, so that's the only 'suspicious' item I could found relating to the 10MB value.

I don't see any mention in this help board or any Max file size listed in the MultCloud docs that I could locate, so figured I'd ask here.



  • @Studiomulti, Please run the sync task again. If it still fails, please view logs and check the failed files list, then take a screenshot so that we check. Or, pleas email the support team via email to check and help you further.
  • Thanks, 

    It turns out that it's not the size of the files that fail that unites them, but rather the fact that they're all Zip files. I can't expand the window to show you the full filename, but all of the files listed are zip files:

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    @Studiomulti, As for read time out, it is because the network connection between the cloud drive server and MultCloud's servers is too slow, causing the read data to timeout. This situation can only be resolved by retrying the task multiple times, and each retry may transfer/synchronize a portion of the data.
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