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Files and Folders Missing

I have an issue. I few weeks ago I decided to transfer a LOT of photos and videos from Google Drive to iCloud Drive.  It was set to delete after the transfer and an email notification when complete. During the last week or so we decided that Google Drive worked better for us and I started the re-transfer from iCloud Drive to Google Drive; Same setting and both times the the Transfer List and logs showed "success" Each time was  a lengthy exercise, as we have over 9TB of data.The issue is that the Google Drive folders (most) are empty?  And the iCloud folder where it came from also? Is this a timing issue?  Must I wait? Or dp we have a “disaster”? I have recieved all the "Success" emails. I have many (all) of these

Transfer Type Transfer
Task Name Task 6
Result Success
Created Time 2024-05-07 04:00:28
Start Time 2024-05-08 03:56:30
End Time 2024-05-08 05:05:10
Total Time 1h 8m 40s 
From Google Drive\Companies\Master Photos\Flowers #5 - 2024
To iCloud Drive\New Master Photos
Files Processed 2319/2319
Data Processed 290.0GB/290.0GB
Executed Times 1
Error Files 0

Am I in trouble here?

Best Regards


  • @JeanVos, Please access and check if the iCloud folders are empty. And, please take screenshots so that we check the issue further.
  • Hi,

    I have sent a detailed email.

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