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Problem logging into Multcloud

edited June 12 in Seek Help
Is anyone else facing the same issue?
When i try to login,It says :
Email/Temp account name or password is not correct.

Then I click (Forget Password?) & type in my email to receive a link to reset my password,

But nothing arrives to my email inbox i check spam and all folders nothing arrives.
Admin Please Help.


  • Me too, i cannot login to my acc. Same error as shown by SAMX5
  • Yes, exactly the same issue - had hoped it would have been resolved over the weekend but still happening.
  • Same here since this morning (18th June)
  • Please email [email protected] to check and help you further.
  • Admin, thanks for the message.  Your colleague Joey resolved it pretty quickly and it's all working now.
  • I still cannot login as for today.
  • @Tbyte, Please email the support team to help you further.
  • The same thing happens to me.  It's why I cancelled my MultCloud account several years ago  (that, and the fact that, literally, every single scheduled transfer repeatedly failed).  Thought I'd try again and I can't believe that the same problem still exists!
  • @Tracey, Please email the support team to help you again.
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