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Bug Report: Transfer log unreadable ("click here to view failed files")

When completing a transfer (e.g. Google Drive to OneDrive) it will often fail ("Partial Success") due to various errors (trying to copy shortcuts, "duplicates" due to case-sensitivity issues, etc.).

In order to determine whether the failures are acceptable or to resolve them you need to see the filename and path to it, as well as the error and ideally information about the error and how to remediate.

Expected behaviour:
A readable/sortable log is produced in the browser (and ideally downloadable in a machine readable format like CSV).

Observed behaviour:
A small popup appears with names (not paths!) and errors truncated, no way to resize or sort columns, and no way to export the information to handle the errors.


  • Also note the formatting of the "Size" column, mixing words (i.e., "Bytes") with acronyms (i.e., "MB"). I suggest using "B" for "Bytes" and possibly inserting a space for readability (e.g., "17.68 MB").
  • Thanks for your suggestions. we will submit them to our dev team.
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