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Does Multcloud Block Simplelogin email addresses?

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I'm not able to login because it's not sending me the code. My email address is a SImplelogin address and I am certain I am entering the right email address. I even used my backup code to change my alternate email to another Simplelogin address and I didn't receive a code to that one either. So is Multcloud not delivering email to Simplelogin addresses anymore? I need to login now to setup my school drive and I can't because now it's in a 30-day pending state. This is ridiculous. It's more of a hassle for the user than to "protect my security". Why not just setup 2FA like everyone else instead of this 30 day headache. In 30 days class will be over and will defeat the purpose of me needing ot use the drive. Why can't we use Simplelogin addresses anymore?


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