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Cloud Sync SharePoint to SharePoint help

I am excited to see how MultCloud Cloud Sync can keep a set of folders on one SharePoint Online synchronized with a set of folders on another Site. I have added our SharePoint Online account under My Online Services but when I go to configure Cloud Sync and expand SharePoint Online, I don't see all my Site and don't see the source site I'd like to sync to the other site. Why don't I see all sites and how can I find the source site in the tool? Thanks! 


  • @Bkantar, Because SharePoint does not provide an interface to list all sites, we can only obtain site information through web searches. Therefore, only the sites found through searches can be listed. This search method can be influenced by various factors and may not retrieve all sites. For example:
    Search engines may restrict search results, especially for content related to privacy or security, which may result in filtering out some results.
    Alternatively, if certain SharePoint sites have permissions set so that only specific users or user groups can access them, search engines may not index the content of these sites, resulting in them not being searchable.
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