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Thumbnails for Files/Photos

there are posts from 2014 where users asked for displaying thumbnails for files (and especially photos from google photos) and at a post from 2021 [ https://forum.multcloud.com/discussion/2925/google-photo-thumbnails ] you wrote "We will add the feature in the future." - now its 3 years later and the files are still only shown with their names and a standard icon in front of the name.
Don't you have a developer anymore or why haven't you managed to develop/offer this feature until now? Please add thumbnail view as soon as possible because its essential for choosing/transferring only the needed files/photos out of thousends of files/photos.

And please add a menu item or button "My Clouds Overview" etc. thus one can see all user added clouds. At the moment one must click on an added cloud at the left menu and then one can click on the "Home" button at the top left to get an overview of all added clouds (see following screenshots)

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