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I just signed up and transferred a few files from Flickr to Amazon Cloud Drive. I've noticed that none of the files in Flickr seem to have a file extension. I attempted transferring a few photos from Flickr over to Amazon and found that I could not preview them due to the lack of a file extension. Am I missing something here?


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    All the files in flickr are .jpg but the extensions are now showing in MultCloud. The screen shot shows a few files that are in Amazon Cloud where I imported Flickr files. These are 2 sets of identical files. For example "barkada.JPG" is saved on Amazon without issue, while "barkada" was copied from Flickr and clearly doesn't have a file extension.

    When I view all files in Flickr...none of the files have a file extension.

  • I can preview "barkada.jpg", but I cannot preview the other file that doesn't have a file extension. The only time I can view the other file is if I download it and add .jpg

  • No...that's not quite correct. I have identical files stored in both Amazon cloud and Flickr that were uploaded from my desktop. If I view any of my Flickr files on MultCloud...none of them have a .jpg extension. If I view any of my Amazon Cloud files on MultCloud...all of them have a .jpg extension. The issue here is that MultCloud doesn't seem to identify that the Flickr files are photos. I have attached screenshots of Amazon Cloud and Flickr. You will see that all Amazon files have .jpg extensions, while all Flickr files do not.



  • Hello Admins...following up on my issue. Is it normal for files viewed in Flickr not to have a file extension when viewed? 

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    Was there a resolution to this issue?  Any file I sync from Flickr to Amazon get transferred without the proper extension (jpg, mov, etc).  I use another utility to sync multiple PCs to and from Flickr that is able to perform the sync with the correct extension.  Transfers without the extension are useless for me.

  • Hi, I installed this thing and when I copy files from Flickr to Dropbox, there is not extension. It's useless and I am uninstalling it. Wasting of time.

    MultCloud is useless, don't use it.

  • Just curious if the issue with file extensions not showing in Flickr has been fixed? It would be alot of work to have to change the extensions after transfering hundreds or thousands of image files.  Thanks

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