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transferring files from google drive to folder via ftp

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible that every time a new file is inserted into a drive folder, it can be copied to a folder on a server via ftp


  • @Minogig, You can create a real-time sync task from Google Drive to FTP.
  • I managed to synchronize between drive and ftp. So far, so good. but I noticed that real time sync is not working. However, if I pause and then restart the synchronization I find the updated files on ftp
  • I checked better. Real-time synchronization actually works but it's not exactly immediate. Maybe it depends on when google drive saves the file
  • I confirm. Unfortunately the real time synchronization between google drive and ftp does not work.
  • @Minogig, "Unfortunately the real time synchronization between google drive and ftp does not work."---Could you give us a detailed description of the problem situation? It doesn't run automatically?
  • In fact, saying that it doesn't work is wrong, but I noticed this: if real-time synchronization remains on all night and no synchronizations occur, the next morning if I insert a file into the drive it won't be synchronized. by pausing and reactivating the synchronization then everything works (I calculated with the stopwatch that it takes on average 3/4 minutes to synchronize the file compared to when I insert it into Google Drive, it's not exactly immediate). It's like, if you don't synchronize for a long period (in this case the night), it needs to be reactivated afterwards before it works properly as always.
    I hope I was clear
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    Does it take that long to get a response from support?

  • @Minogig, the real-time sync still doesn't sync data after you manually run the task? Please email the support team to check further.
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