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Cloud Transfer of Google Photos to Google Photos - Error "This directory can not be selected for..."

From the sales pitch, it seemed trivial to transfer photos from one cloud service/account to another.
The simplest would seem to be copying one Google Photos account to another Google Photos account, but it seems that doesn't want to work.
I select the "Cloud Transfer" option, then select with a checkbox on the "From" Google Photos cloud account, then in the "To" box, I try to select the second Google Photos account, and I get this error:
"This directory can not be selected for transferring files, please select its subdirectories or other directories."

Any suggestions?


  • @Coblecam, You need to create sync task from Google Photos\Albums to another Google Photos\Albums, or from Google Photos\Photos to another Google Photos\Photos.
  • Attempted the "sync task".
    This gives the exact same error.
  • @Coblecamm, Please take a screenshot so that we check.
  • I've gotten it to work now using a Sync Task, but this is an extremely inconvenient workaround, especially for purchasing the Lifetime Unlimited plan.

    The purpose of using the Transfer was to be able to delete files from the origin once they were copied over.
    If I get some time, I'll submit the screenshots of the errors. 
  • Selection of everything in first Google Photos account:

    Selection of the second Google Photos account with error at top of screen:

    I'd really like to do the transfer so I don't have to do the removal of files.
  • If I select things just as shown in the "Cloud Transfer" directions on the website under section:

    Way 1. Transfer Google Photos to Another Google Account with "Cloud Transfer"


    ... I get this error:

    Please help.
  • @coblecam, Which directory did you transfer from and to? Please list the specific directory to us.
  • I am having the same problem. What should we do?
  • I am also experiencing this issue
  • 1.The "Photos" directory can only store images, videos and other media files, but not directories.
    2.The "Albums" directory can only store album directories, but not media files.
    So, you can create the sync task from Google drive\...\XXX to Google Photos\Albums. XXX is the folder that includes subfolders, and every subfolder only include photos and media files. So, it will sync these subfolders to Google Photos\Albums as albums folders.
    Or, you can sync from Google drive\...\XXX to Google Photos\Photos. XXX is the folder that directly includes photos and media files. not have subfolders.
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