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Multcloud does not work for big amounts of data

I have been struggling for a few days with your platform and I am begining to believe that it only works with small amounts of data. When there is a big amount (300 Gb) the system colapses, keeps counting files for days and finally says "failure" and you can try several times and the problem remains the same. It just does not work. If you cannot solve the problem I want my money back.

I have contacted with support and they do not give me a solution


  • Similar issues here - I come back to the task list in the morning, and it's returned to "waiting", or "failure".
    Not even massive amounts of data here, just a few Gb transferred so far. 
    @Admin - can you give some guidance on how to handle larger transfer amounts. i've also signed up for unlimited, and currently i'm feeling very let down.
  • @KikoCalvin @Thinkplaymake, Please rerun your tasks again. If they still fail, please contact the support team to check further. if the support can't solve the issue, you can apply for a refund in the refund period.
  • @Admin That's what I just did. Mine was stuck on waiting for a few hours. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED NOW!
  • @Masterplayer302, Please contact the support team ([email protected]) to check your task further. 
  • Same issue, we just joined on the unlimited data plan. The speed of file counting and wait periods are unacceptable. The assumption was that the browser would launch some process after authorisation at either end. 

    We had been using a custom rsync solution, where hash comparison was posing a problem. Multlcoud appeard like a great cloud gui-based solution. So far though it is slow, dependent on the browser/connection and fails for larger datasets 200GB+ with : "counting files" -> "failure". We'll probably exit if support cannot help. 

  • @GregB, Please contact the support team ([email protected]) to check your task further. 
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