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Moving images from Google Drive to Google Photos

This should be a really simple exercise, but i'm struggling to do it!
I am trying to move all of my images from Dropbox and Google Drive (yes sorted in folders) into Google Photos.
I had hoped MultCloud could do this, i.e. a filter for only .jpg/.png files, and 'store in a single folder'
Am i missing a step? Is there an easy way to do this? 


  • @Thinkplaymake, You can create a sync task from Dropbox\XXX to Google Photos\Photos. XXX is the folder where you save images. So, what error situation did you get when you did the sync? 
  • Error messages include:
    "429 Too many requests at  ..."
    "No permission to delete!"

    But I don't have just one folder in Dropbox with photos, I have many.
    Is there a way to move all images from Dropbox (multiple folders) to a single folder in Google Photos?
  • @Thinkplaymake, You might need to create multiple sync tasks to sync from Dropbox\XXX to Google Photos\Photos. XXX is the folder where you save images. 
    As for the 429 error, it is the quota limit of Google's API. MultCloud access Google Photos via the API. 
    For this situation, we suggest that you can retry this process tomorrow.
    We will contact Google to optimize the problem after.
    As for "No permission to delete!", the API of Google Photos doesn't offer the delete feature. Are there same photos between dropbox and Google Photos?
  • The whole reason I purchased the license was to automate this, rather than having to manually create a task for every single folder.

    I'll try the process again today, but it seems like i'm not going to be able to use multcloud for this.

    Re. the 'no permission to delete', i didn't ask for it to remove any photos, it's a one way sync (i.e just add new photos to google photos) so it shouldn't be (and musn't) delete any photos!
  • @Thinkplaymake, Are there same photos between dropbox and Google Photos? When it need to replace the same photos, it will need to use the delete permission.
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