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Why does CloudTransfer work but not CloudBackup with the identical data?

Dear MultCloud Team

I have been trying to make a cloud backup for several days: only 3 GB, a total of approx. 9000 files. I have tried many things and restarted again and again: OneDrive-2-Dropbox; Dropbox-2-OneDrive; GloogleDrive-2-Dropbox ... none of them work.
Everything keeps slowing down and crashing. Restarting doesn't help either. Log file shows no information.

For me illogical: If I move the identical data with CloudTransfer (in my example GloogleDrive-2-Dropbox), then it takes about 2.5 hours and it works (only 5 of the approx. 9000 files can not be transferred, the log file gives useful hints). 

Why does CloudTransfer work but not CloudBackup with the identical data? 
And I actually have 300 GB to back up monthly, not just 3 GB. At the same speed, it would take 250 hours (10 days!) for CloudTransfer! Unimaginable even for CloudTransfer. What about CloudBackup? With half speed of CloudTransfer 20 days?
Is MultCloud currently even suitable for this amount of data?

And I finally need CloudBackup, not CloudTransfer.
I have a Premium subscription, lifetime.
Can you please help me?

Kind regards
Andreas Kluser


  • @Klusi, It might be a bug of the Cloud Backup feature. CloudTransfer can't meet your needs?
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