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Moving files out of Baidu: a nightmare...

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Well, I'm very happy with your service, and I know it's not Multcloud fault, but copying files from Baidu, takes forever. I'm currently getting an average of 40KB/s (very slow), and very often fails when copying a file, giving this error:

"Transferring "Filename.S0XE0X.xxxxxxxx.rmvb" failed"

"Cause:"insufficient data written


I hope you can fix it (may be adding 'resume' support), or being more tolerant to Baidu faults (to avoid 'timming out' when transfering a file). Maybe adding a Chinese proxy on your server would help to speed things up, I don't know. If you know some other way (or web service) to copy files from Baidu, I would be very happy to know about it.

Thank you,



  • Is there any news about this?... Does someone knows a better way to transfer files out Baidu? (without having to install any software). image

  • Hello? is someone there?...

    I'm still getting this error:

    Cause:"insufficient data written"

    I'm amost sure this is a "time out" problem, since the speed suddenly drops at ~80% of the total file size (even to 0.0KB/s by a few seconds), and then continues at 50KB/s. You may try to give more time before the file drops the connection and making the transfer fail.

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    Hi there! Finally, it seems I've found the problem: copying from BaiDu to MediaFire gives this error, but yesterday I've added my Google Drive, and it's working without errors (copying from BaiDu to Google Drive).


    From BaiDu to MediaFire = Some files give this Error:"insufficient data written"

    From BaiDu to Google Drive = 100% success, it works great (still slow, but without errors).

    >> Currently, could you please tell us the destination clouddrive?

    >> Did you use copy to option to copy it to another place?

    The destination clouddrive was MediaFire.

    Yes, I'm using the option "Copy to".

    I don't know why this was happening, but I hope this helps other uses who may have the same problem in the future. I'll keep you updated, if some other error happens again.

    Thanks for this service "Admin". Even if it's sometimes slow, I'm happy with it.

    Cheers, image


  • I spoke too soon, the problem continues ("Transferring failed. Cause: insufficient data written"), but the failure rate is lower (it only failed one file, of six files).

    I was searching for a solution, and it seems using a Chinese proxy (on your server), it may helps to have better speed, and even may solve this errors. Read more about this, here.

  • If I re-transfer the file, it works after several tries. Thank you.

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