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Incomplete sync

I have a Google Workspace Google Drive with 450 Gb that I want to sync with Onedrive. I have done tests with small folders  and it works. When I tried to sync all the material (450 Gb) I have synced around 110 Gb. I have tried several times to transfer the rest of 450 Gb but I have not been able to complete the sync. 
What can I do?




  • @KikoCalvin, What error did you get? Please view logs, and check failed files list, then take a screenshot to us.
  • I can open the log in the multcloud app, it only appears the circle moving, there is no list, see screenshot.
    In the onedrive target appears a file named log.html and which is 6 pages and only mentions changes in the path that add the word "modify" to the name of the file. See screenshot.

    I do not see any failed files list

  • @KikoCalvin, Have your problem solved? If not, please contact the support team to check it further.
  • Ok, I will
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