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Google Photos - OneDrive Sync continually repeating downloads

I'm new to MultCloud and I have set up a real-time, two-way sync between my Google photos folder and a folder in OneDrive that I've imaginatively called Google_Photos. When I first set this up, all seemed to go well. The photos were copied from Google to OneDrive and then downloaded to my computer.
I'm finding though that after my computer has been off for a period of time, when I boot up the PC, all the photos are downloaded to the OneDrive folder again. This is not creating duplicates however because all the photos/files that were in Google_Photos (i.e. OneDrive) get deleted and then re-downloaded. I can find the deleted files in my recycle bin.
This is very unwanted behaviour.
Can anyone explain what's going on here and/or how to stop this happening?


  • I just wanted to add that, even though the total size of all the photos in my Google Photos is about 2.3GB, I have so far (about 24 hours) gone through just over 7GB of my monthly traffic allowance due to the repeated downloading/syncing.
  • @Pvp, Did you mean that it deletes all synced photos from onedrive and then re-sync all photos? not only sync changed/added photos? Please contact the support team ([email protected]) to check the issue further.
  • Hello Admin, yes that's what appears to be happening. All the photos get deleted from OneDrive and then a full re-sync occurs, it's not just changed/added photos.
    That said, I have an idea what might be triggering the issue but it will take a few days to troubleshoot. In short, I have a suspicion that, if I delete a photo(s) from the sync'ed folder on my PC (in my case this is the folder called 'Google_Photos' which is in my OneDrive), this causes the re-syncing of the entire photo collection. To be clear, I'm talking about deleting photos/files that are on my PC (and sync'ed with OneDrive) using File Explorer (not by logging into OneDrive through a browser).
    Anyway, I'm not completely sure, so I'll do some experimenting - one step per day - and see what happens.
    For info, yesterday I didn't touch anything and no deleting of files or re-syncing has occurred.

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