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Tranfer google drive to google photos

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I want Tranfer google drive to google photos but often encounter errors and cannot be uploaded.
I use the Cloud Transfers method, filter new image and video files that can be uploaded, Keep all transferred files in one folder.
Can you help me, I have tried uploading to all 3 folders Albums, Photos, Sharing on Google Photos.
My account is of type Unlimited


  • @Minhthai, 1.The "Photos" directory can only store images, videos and other media files, but not directories.
    2.The "Albums" directory can only store album directories, but not media files.
    So, if you use Cloud Transfer feature, please confirm that there is no subfolders under the source folder, and select Google Photos/Albums as the destination, and don't check "Keep all transferred files in one folder". Or, you can select Google Photos/Albums/XXX as the destination, and check "Keep all transferred files in one folder".
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    i'm also really struggling to do this - either from dropbox or google drive - into google photos
    i keep getting lots of 403 errors, "too many attempts", "don't have permission to delete" etc.
    without manually going through and copying all images from google drive into a single folder, is there no way of copying all images into a single folder? can you help?
  • @Thinkplaymake, This error 403 is Google's limit you know MultCloud is using Google's API. If our requests are too frequent then it would display that error message.
    The daily upload quota for a use account or how it′s calculated is not public so I can′t give you an exact number, however in most cases it′s 750GB per day and once this limit is hit, a client will receive the 403 error. This limit is reset at around midnight PST so if this is the issue you're running into ,then it can be resolved simply by continuing the upload next day after the limit has reset.
    "don't have permission to delete"---Are there same photos between the source and destination location? The API of Google Photos doesn't offer the delete permission. So, MultCloud can't delete and replace photos in Google Photos.
  • OK - i've been hitting this limit with just a small handful of files (less than 1Gb)
    Is the API limit per customer (i.e me) or all users on multcloud?
  • @Thinkplaymake, It will limit all users that using the same multcloud transfer server at the same time.
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