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Trying to migrate to Mega - almost nothing is working right

Hi all, I'm new to MultCloud and I'm trying to transfer things from a few different accounts (Box and Dropbox) to Mega. If I use Cloud Sync or Cloud transfer it almost always fails. One time it said it worked but only the folder structure showed up on Mega, not any of the files and now the files seem to be missing from Box...? I've tried just going to the cloud folder from within MultCloud and trying to "copy to" and the first few times I did that it seemed to work, albeit slowly and buggily, but now that doesn't seem to be working either. So many files failing and such. Does anyone have experience using MultCloud with Mega that might be able to give me advice as to how to make things work the way they're supposed to and go more smoothly?


  • @Emmamh, We checked the failed logs, they show error: Request rate limit exceeded, please try again later. 
    For this problem, it's Box API rate limit and currently we can not deal with it. Please rerun your transfer or sync task next day. You might need to rerun your task multiple times.
    You know MultCloud itself is not a cloud and what we can do is to send requests to cloud server to read and download files from them so that they can be uploaded to your target cloud. When uploading files to target cloud, MultCloud also needs to send requests. However, some API of cloud services will limit the request quota every day.

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