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about sync methods

I am looking for a sync method that can continuously back up source A to B. If A is modified, it will overwrite B. If A is deleted, B will not be deleted. Cumulative Sync seems a bit like what I want, but I am a bit confused about the second point of its explanation:


If you are using Cumulative Sync method sync from Google Drive\A to Dropbox\B. When the cumulative sync run for the first time.

A: 1.txt,2.txt,3.txt,4.txt remain unchanged
B: 1.txt,2.txt,3.txt,4.txt(updated),5.txt,6.txt,7.txt

Second time:

if deleted 1.txt, modified 2.txt, added 8.txt to the A folder. Result is as follows:
A: 2.txt(modified), 3.txt, 4.txt, 8.txt
B: 1.txt, 2.txt(updated), 3.txt, 4.txt, 8.txt


In the second time, it seems the 5,6,7 are moved and this is not I want. So based on my purpose, which method I need to use ?

Thanks for help.


  • @R91085, 5,6,7 don't have any change, so they aren't synced again. They will still keep on the destination, no any change.
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