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Scheduling not working and worse, support never responding. Even having a paid subscription.

I got tired of sending emails asking for support and they haven't responded to any of them.

The schedule works fine 2 or 3 times, and then it stops working. It is essential for the use of the app that the scheduled task is maintained over time.

I cordially request help from the MultCloud Support team.



  • Similiar to you ..... I just paid, and all tasks I tried ( transfer, backup, syc) falied ... I have no successful task so far .... Does anyone can use this service successfully to backup gmail , evernote or bandu ?

    Also the 10 files transfer limits at the same time is about one task or whole account ?

  • So far no one from support has responded to my complaints.
  • @Krey, We didn't check any emails. Maybe you sent to a wrong email address. Please send email to [email protected] to check your issues again.
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