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New user. Simple backup keeps getting hung up at 2 or 3%

edited November 2023 in Seek Help
I signed up for a lifetime membership yesterday.  All I wanted to do is back up my Icloud photos to Onedrive.  I established both clouds and set up a simple backup.  Each time the job progresses to about 2 or 3% and then no longer updates. The job keeps showing me new sets of files as if it is running, but they are always at 0% and looking at my onedrive I can see it is stalled. 

Note: You can see I started the job at 2:26 am.  The last file written to the Onedrive folder was at 3:29 am.

As a new customer, I'm pondering my purchase.    Help?


  • @Acutain, Please rerun the task and check if the Files/Data Processed keep changing. If they are freezing, please contact the support team and offer your MultCloud account to check it further.
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