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WebDAV Server with root path - cannot traverse directory tree

If a WebDAV connection is setup EITHER with a path after the hostname as the server URL...

eg https://web.dav.com/1234

or with an optional path specified

    server: https://web.dav.com
    path: /2902 (tried all permutations of with/without leading and trailing slashes)

the connection is established and the root folder can be browsed via the MultCloud UI. However, if a subfolder is opened, it fails as the root folder (/2902) is not included in the folderId.

So if there were a subfolder such as 2902/documents, the documents folder shows in the root but when you double click it to open it, it errors and the folderId query parameter in the url only contains 'documents'. If 2902/ is manually appended (as the url encoded value)  into the folderId in the url, the folder is opened correctly.

So it appears that, since the root folder is coming from the server configuration implicitly, it is not being correctly included to create the full absolute path for accessing subfolders.

This also prevents syncs from the folder - again because the root folder is not included in the absolute path sent in PROPFIND requests to the remote server.


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