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File Transfer....Waiting

I'm transferring a list of files between Google Drive and OneDrive, and it is stuck saying waiting.  It seems to be stuck on the last file, although when I check OneDrive, all the files have been transferred over.

I tried cancelling and restarting, but it still just stays stuck saying waiting.  I also checked and there is plenty of space on both cloud drives. 

Any input/help would be appreciated.


  • Same issue here and others have reportedly similar problems in other threads.

    The Multcloud system isn't working properly but customer service aren't replying to any messages - again.
  • @Nnason @Tsradio, Please cancel the "waiting" process and run the task again.
  • I signed up to Multcloud on 03.27.2024 and set up transfer from Dropbox to Google photos.

    only a few photos transferred over and everything stopped.

    I am now told by Multcloud it is a 429 error and that Google only accepts 75,000 file transfers a day from Multcloud.

    So why does this become my problem having paid good money to Multcloud for a cloud transfer service?

    I feel very frustrated.
  • @Cobtree, It is the quota limit of Google's API. MultCloud access Google Photos via the API. So, MultCloud can't skip the limit of Google's API. For this situation, we suggest that you can retry this process next day.
  • I'm a new customer and just paid for an unlimited lifetime membership. I've tried to transfer between Dropbox and Google Drive 2x now and both times it stopped. I get a list of files that didn't move over and if I retry them it I get an error. So now I have no idea which files, in which folders, need to be moved over. Also, transfer speeds went from 60MB/s to 1-2. For 2 days I'm getting gateway errors and can't access the site. I received one email from support with virtually no assistance except "try again." 

    Spending a couple hundred bucks on this is not looking good. Damn.
  • @Chuck27p, Your task still is waiting after you re-transfer it? Please contact the support team to help you check it further.
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