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iCloud Photos Error Message: language.exception.appleDisabledAccess

Has anyone else seen this error code (language.exception.appleDisabledAccess) when attempting to add iCloud Photos, and if so, how did you resolve it? Thanks!


  • How did you get icloud photos to work? I don't see it listed as one of the clouds..
  • I have the same error message. Admins, is there any solution to this issue? Unable to access iCloud Photos. 
  • @Loggingin, The ios/android app currently doesn't add icloud photos. Please log in MultCloud on web, then you can add icloud photos.
    @Dcryptr, Please email support team to help you check the error further.
  • Thank you for the info, Admin.

    Now that I figured out and was able to add icloud photos, I too am experiencing the same error message from the first time I connected. 


  • @Loggingin, Please try again and take a screenshot so that we check it further.
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    The error is exactly what people are telling you in this forum, but he is a nice visual aid.

    obviously as you can’t use the root folder, therefore, as much as it’s nice to have it absolutely doesn’t work.

    also if you’ve granted access to your iCloud, how do you remove the access you’ve granted because iCloud do not give you the granular data controls like Google

  • I think the problem here is more serious than that, unlike Google where it requests a token it does not work in that way for iCloud

    I’ve just tried to re-add it and it tries to connect, but then send a notification to my iPhone as to whether I approve the login, it then gives me an MFA code which the website cannot accept because you do that when you add the connection

    your service den iCloud is unavailable please try later, I think you have implemented this solution by getting your service to log onto iCloud.com with a normal user token, I know this because the request come from Chicago

    if you have lots of photos to upload, and it’s requiring that token to upload them, I don’t think this will be sustainable solution for many people

    the solution is obviously not the correct thing to do but something your engineering team have hacked in to get working, and please don’t give me the advice to turn off MFA - that is absolutely horrible advice in 2023

    also, if anyone uses advanced data protection, this service will also not work, if you have advanced data protection on it’s encrypted end to end, I had to turn off this service to get a little bit further

    however, if you think about it advanced, data protection is designed to protect your data from this exact problem, I’ve also used this service before and found it very hit and miss as to whether it does what it says it’s going to do so before you go trusting all your photos with this service. Please be careful with your data

    I think I will be doing my transfer with the Google takeout method and then importing to the application on my Mac - while I’ve been looking forward to this solution for awhile the way it’s been implemented is very bodged and unprofessional - since adding this service I have already received 18 notifications that I’m trying to sign in from Chicago - which is the service

    while this service is very convenient. I also wonder what else happens with your data during the transfer, obviously the company running it will tell you it’s encrypted to end and all the other words you need to hear, but is it???

    I will be turning back on advanced data protection and doing it myself, convenience for a service like this outweighs the potential risk to security and other things going wrong with your account and photos - for which this company will take absolutely no responsibility, and it will probably be in the terms and conditions that you use this service at your own risk

  •  my original issue was because of this, but I can happily confirm it’s now back on

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    Due to this very POOR service - I have just got my account disabled by Apple - DO NOT give you details that connector it is not worth it

    when they say they keep your credentials encrypted, personally I wouldn’t trust them

    is there any chance an administrator would like to comment on what just happened to me?
  • @Artic6, As for "language.exception.appleDisabledAccess" error, it might be affected by the Facial lock on the iCloud Photos. You need to close the Facial lock for iCloud Photos, and then add iCloud photos to MultCloud again.
    As for "advanced data protection", it closes the web access. MultCloud will access iCloud Photos via web. So, if the web access is disabled, MultCloud can't access iCloud Photos.

  • The facial lock only applies to mobile phones, I’m using web browser,

    free the more due to your peculiar actions. My Apple account got locked out because of how your website interacts with iCloud

    I think the solution you’ve got absolutely doesn’t work and it will cause lots of lockout for people with Apple accounts.

    you’ve not really read all my previous posts, you’re just answering the easy questions - with vague responses,
  • Anyway, my account is now closed with you and I will not be using your services ever in the future

  • @Artic6, Because Apple does not provide an API to develop iCloud and iCloud Photos, MultCloud implements the connection through web access to iCloud. So, "advanced data protection" needs to be closed. Or else, the option will prevent web access.
  • Yes but your solution does not work, it’s unable to actually read iCloud data and you get your Apple ID locked out because you keep signing in from my website in random places

    I will not be using this solution if others wish to gamble their Apple ID that’s down to them - how do you explain the website login that did not come from your website

    there is something very dodgy about being asked to enter username and password when Apple specifically tell you not to give this information out

    no one should ever be given their username and password to anyone more and then being asked to do MFA - especially if the request is not from the country. They are in

    this just encourage is bad security practices, and it doesn’t even work anyway
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