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Stuck on "waiting ..." since I started two-way sync 6 hours ago

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I set up and started a two-way sync, OneDrive with Google Drive. It has been on "waiting ..." for six hours.

I read this article: https://www.multcloud.com/help/sync-data-between-clouds.html

I would have searched Help Guides and Technical FAQs, but there is no search feature. I looked through each but did not see anything relevant.

I searched this forum. There is a similar post from September 2017 that recently received additional queries, but I thought it best to start a new, more-specific thread.



  • @Mdwpsyd, Please cancel and then run it again. If it still is the same situation, please contact the support team via email to help you check it further.
  • same issue here
  • Same issue on unlimited paid account. Waiting for reply from support also. 
  • Same issue on unlimited paid account. I have setup real-time sync more than 24 hours ago, but no data transfer is happening. Done Pause -> Resync but still the same.
    iCloud -> Box
    OneDrive -> Box
    Both "Initial sync of data is still in progress, please wait." status.

    Send inquiry to support yesterday and waiting for the reply..
  • Same issue for me - have sent an email to support and no reply.

    This isn't the first time Multcloud's gone down - I'm also a paying user and the customer service is truly terrible.
  • I contacted support and they did get back to me and told me to try manually re sync again. I'm not sure what they did but it did start working. But then after my cloud transfer didnt work. Seems very buggy.
  • Please cancel the "waiting" process and run the task again.
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