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why is the system only using 2 out of 10 transferring simultaneously.

Thank you for subscribing our service. You now have a Maximum of 10 files transferring simultaneously.

 Start Time: May 17 2023 15:42Current Rate: 1.85MB/s



  • i have send a ticket to the "24/7/365" but so fare no response are anyone else getting a response from them ? 
  • @Crapz, Which cloud drive did you transfer from and to? if you run the transfer or sync task before you upgrade account, please cancel the transfer process, and then run again. 
  • the outcomes were so good on the trial I bought the lifetime in minutes - now it is not working and seems stuck - refreshed cancelled all - rebooted - logged out and in - waited for stuff to finally finish then started new only for it to be stuck hours later?
    when I can get it working it is only doing 1 at a time and it is considerably slower than was on the trial - I was getting speeds of 7.5MB on the trial and then after paying, I am getting that figure in KB?
    Please help.
  • @Desc, Could you take a screenshot of the transfer details so that we check it further?
  • This was left overnight and has not appeared at all on the new drive - even though it says it was successful
    Also, this folder is 17GB and I have transferred less than 5GB according to the top right of the page

  • edited July 2023
    this time it failed on one file which stopped the whole folder and you can see the speed and start and end times

    AVERAGE SPEED over 5 mins was 179Bytes/s

    the fact it was not available to transfer does not bother me as it is probably a shortcut to another share so I am not worried about this file - I am noting that the failure of the whole folder has stopped cos of this?!?

  • This one I left alone for 12 hours plus and it says it was successful?
    So it appears to have done it but the info says success with 0 b transferred and 0 files processed?

    Can you point me to an FAQ or some post that I can understand - please?

  • @Desc, As for the error "Not available to transfer application/vnd.google-apps.map from Google Drive", MultCloud can't transfer these files. Because the API of Google doesn't allow third-party service (such as MultCloud) to download these files. You might need to download and transfer them via google official site.
  • @Desc, As for the task (0 files/0bytes), could you tell us which folder you transfer? We will check its logs.
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