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Flickr sync to OneDrive no longer has .jpg extension in filename

This worked fine up to somewhere in june 2022. Now no more (forgot to check this all these months :( ) !
I see in the list of my flickr files/photos in MultCloud that it does not show ,jpg extensions after the filename, so in that way it is correct in not "adding" the extension to the file name in OneDrive. 

MultCloud does correctly show only the photo title (and not the flickr long unique internal filename). When I download a (or many) pictures from flickr (to PC) it creates filenames starting with the title and appended by the, dreaded, long unique number but followed correctly with ".jpg". Indicating that flickr does have the file/photo type stored correctly as .jpg instead of .png etc. Somewhere.

Have flickr (again) changed something to their API to the effect that MultCLoud no longer sees the proper filename plus the file type/extension?
Or has MultCloud dropped the ball? Or is there any way to append all transfers/copies with a text like ".jpg"?  

I am stuck now as I cannot find any way to append many OneDrive files with this extension in one go. (Or does someone now of a way? Even PowerShell?) 

Note: some Google Pixel photos seem to get a name appended with ".portrait". OneDrive sees the "." in the filename and treats that as an extension (type)! And I cannot edit extensions/types in OneDrive???  :open_mouth:


  • @RiBe, If the "name" of photos in Flicker has the "." (such as, 2023-5-6 12.34.56), MultCloud can't add the extension for it. If the name is 2023-5-6 123456, it will be added the ..jpg extension.
  • Hi, no, I did not have the "." character in my filenames, except for the ",portrait" ones.
    I checked today and now I do see flickr files listed with their proper, .jpg, extension (inside MultCloud webpage) and now they are correctly copied to my OneDrive and keep their extension.

    So either you or flickr have changed something for the better. Thanks.
  • @RiBe, Our technician indeed optimized the problem.
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