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Speed of transfer to Google Drive

I'm backing up from SFTP to Google Drive. I see 10 threads running but the overall speed is very low.

Files Processed: 3235/49377
Data Processed: 7.07KB / 1.13GB
Current Rate: 1.17KB/s
Start Time: Apr 26 2023 15:16

...that start time was yesterday. I'm only trying to backup ~1GB of data overnight.

At this rate it would take over 10 days to complete a single backup.

I've been repeatedly creating new tasks with different settings, and killing and re-creating connections to the SFTP and Google Drive, trying to find some combination by which MultCloud can perform a ~1GB backup.

Is it possible the entirety of MultCloud is being throttled by Google? My Google Account (where I'm uploading data to on Google Drive) has a 750GB upload/day limit. That's plenty for me to accomplish this... and if this was a local machine I was backing up I could just drag-drop the 1GB folder into a web-based Google Drive interface... I've succeeded in doing that as a MultCloud work-around.

But that's ME using MY own 750GB upload limit... are all of us MultCloud users perhaps sharing a single MultCloud Google Account which is being throttled (across all of us) down to 750GB /day ?


  • @Gordonmcdowell, It might be related to FTP/SFTP. FTP/SFTP only can offer 2 threads to transfer data, even though the VIP service of MultCloud can support 10 threads.
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