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Cannot connect to iCloud Photos (with e2e-encryption)

thanks for adding iCloud Photos now; it would be a really good feature, but (at least for me) it doesn't work; when I try, I enter Apple ID, password and the MFA code, but instead of displaying anything I see the following (German) error message:
"bitte versuchen Sie es später erneut oder fügen Sie die Cloud erneut zu MultCloud hinzu." ("please try again later or add the cloud to MultCloud again"). I tried this several times, always same behavior...

I have activated end-to-end encryption with iCloud, maybe this is the reason why you cannot support this currently? I have expected that I can transfer encrypted files...

In addition, I would also like to use iCloud as general storage medium via MultCloud, not only Photos (as I have there pretty much space...). Is this also planned for the future?

Best regards,


  • edited March 28
    @Thomase, Could you check if there is a “lock” on the "Hidden" and "Recently Deleted" on Photos of iPhone? If yes, please open Settings, and disable “Use Face ID” to view the "Hidden" and "Recently Deleted". After that, please try to add iCloud Photos again.
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