[Feature Suggestion] Multi-user/Share with permission setting

MultCloud should have multi users feature with permission setting for users eg. account owner can access all cloud drives but users can access the only cloud that allows to access. And you can set view/edit permission.

For pricing, you can have a family package for this feature. Or buddy package (2 users). Or even enterprise package (many users).

And if you do what I told you, don't forget what you are. Your current price is a reasonable price that why I paid for your service. So don't change price too high if you want to put a new package (multi-user).


Add the feature that you can share your cloud drive via MultCloud to other MultCloud's user with view/edit permission.

So if you add this feature you don't have to add a new package. But this feature is the best selling point. image


  • I like this idea, too.
    (I mean, you can always just give people your login, but it would be much safer and easier to be able to pick and choose what you want a "guest user" to see, etc.)

  • edited June 2016

    You have sharing, and that is half way there, but PLEASE try to find a way to allow a shared folder to accept UPLOADS from others, as well. This is something that is seriously missing from cloud services right now.

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